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VKH’s online training platform is inspired by its ideologies rooted in providing environmental friendly and affordable education to the needy.

Towards realizing these ideologies, founders of the VKH have been venturing into several areas like Online training in various IT and Non-IT areas, staffing solutions and consulting etc. In order to achieve these objectives, VKH has put in place an experienced trainers’ network having extensive professional experience in IT & Non-IT areas across the globe. These trainers with the support of the state of art IT technologies deliver educational modules to corporates and individuals who intend to train their staff or themselves in some of the basic and most advance courses which are of professional relevance to them. VKH also delivers special training and communication modules to the staffing companies engaged in supply of quality manpower to various MNCs. VKH also plans to provide IT based training programs to people located in various backward countries including rural Indians through its subsidiaries.

Goals and Objectives of VKH:

In order to structure and offer online training modules across the globe, VHK has undertaken an extensive research and also engaged various social groups into dialogue. These enabled founders of the VKH in understand the need and operational models associated with provision of education with the use of technology. Some of the models for providing IT based education and training are group as well as one-to-one based. Under the group model, we are offering IT & Non-IT solutions to the corporates and staffing companies spread all over the globe. Similarly, under the one-to-one tutoring models we are operationalizing specialized intensive and

Extensive training models tailored to various types of needs. Some of these programs are:

  • Specialized courses for professionals who are planning to excel in their careers

  • Graduates requiring value added courses to suit their skills to the industry needs

  • Language and special subject/skill oriented courses to any person willing to learn and excel in his/her domain

  • Special advise/technical assistance on projects

  • Other specialized courses related to Pharma, etc.

These training models overcome the traditional barriers associated with conventional training programs such as travel and time requirements. The training solutions offered by us are generally structured with the objective that students are not required to travel and also will be able to get an access to most experienced trainers located elsewhere in the globe. We are also providing special assistance to the people who need a technical advice in relation the projects that they are associated with and to help them resolve various problems in a timely manner.

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